Digital Radio Mondiale
Receiver Software Solution

Features (Echo30 & Echo+)


Software Demodulator

Inntot DRM Receiver solution offers software demodulation vis-à-vis the traditional approach of hardware demodulation. Inntot DRM Software demodulator is highly optimized for achieving DRM MRR (Minimum Receiver Requirements) and CPU performance.


Channel Decoder

Inntot Channel Decoder does the error correction using Viterbi Algorithm. It provides FAC, SDC, MSC data to DRM Middleware.


Data Decoder

Inntot Data Decoder components consist of MOT Carousel Decoder, Journaline, Electronic Program Guide, Slide Show. Inntot Data Decoder is reusable across DAB and DRM Digital Radio Standards and is portable across different platforms.



Inntot ASRC Component converts sample rate of baseband IQ Signal received from the tuner to the sample rate accepted by the DRM Software Demodulator.



Inntot DRM Middleware receives FAC, SDC, MSC data streams from Channel Decoder & enables functionalities such as service list creation, service selection and management, service playback, auto/manual scan, seek, Reconfiguration, Alternate Frequency Switching (AFS), announcement support including Emergency Warning Functionality (EWF), Recording & Playback in MDI format


Reference Application

Inntot's DRM Reference Application demonstrates the full capabilities of Inntot DRM Receiver stack and serves as a reference guide for customers to develop their own DRM application.


We Make The Difference - Drastic Reduction in End Solution Cost

Inntot has developed the receiver solution using the novel concept of Software Defined Radio (SDR) that will drastically reduce the end product cost. Inntot Digital Radio solution is performance optimized and portable to any generic processor.

Merits of Our DRM Solution

  • Field Tested in Multiple Indian Cities for Live DRM Reception Scenarios
  • Highly CPU Performance Optimized.
  • Portable to Different Platforms.
  • Optimized for Various Product Performance Parameters
  • Patent(Pending) for Competitve Advantage to Device Manufacturer: A Method for Improving Digital Radio Mondiale Acquisition Time
  • Patent(Pending) for System and Method for Reducing the Service Switching Time Between Frequencies in a Digital Radio.

Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonial

"Thank you Inntot for great support for last year. You kept promises always, released every patch without delay. I really appreciate that Inntot always solves the issues "actively". From the response of customer, it seems that customer is satisfied with your stack"

HS Park

Principal Research Engineer, R&D Center, Wireless Team,
Telechips Inc, South Korea